AMT P2 前級效果器
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AMT P2 前級效果器

AMT P2 前級效果器

編號 AMT P2 前級效果器

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主要功能  :   DRIVE OUT  可以進音箱 INPUT 當一般破音PEDAL 猶如之前 AMT另一個 DRIVE系列 (此功能一代沒有)                
PREAMP OUT 可直接進  音箱後級或RETURN -----基本功能1.2代相同
***但效果器BYPASS後多了CLEAN 音量可控制後級或RETURN  BYPASS時的音量(同等於沒有F1也可以有CLEAN CHANNEL可用但無法控制EQ ) 還可以在按下BOOST按鈕  增加CLEAN音色厚度---------------此功能一代沒有)
簡單說  就是可以當電吉他音箱前級也可當一般效果器使用


P2 of the Legend Amp Series II represents the response, characteristics, gain, and tonal nuances similar to that of Peavey 5150 and 6505 Amplifiers. The ultimate saturation with harmonics and richness is the sound of P-2 in a nutshell.*


Two-channel LA-2 series preamp effects are designed to produce clean and overdriven guitar sound within a variety of guitar channel organization. The basic concept of the series is "your own sound in your pocket." LA-2 incorporates original circuit designs developed by the specialists of AMT, which allow to obtain bright and rich sound in the style of the original tube overdrives using low-voltage (9V) power and low current consumption.

The distinctive feature of the series is the presence of three outputs intended for implementation of basic types of channels organization:

  • direct connection to guitar system power amp;
  • connection to "clean" channel of a guitar combo or amp;
  • direct connection to a mixer.

All three of these outputs can be used simultaneously! Use the different outputs for recording direct and micing at the same time, run different effects through different outputs, or record three DAW tracks all at once. The routing and recording options are endless. The Legend II series of pedals are a studios engineers dream come true.

Two channel preamp and distortion pedal

When connected to the amp or a mixer La-2 acts as a two-channel preamp providing switch between clean and overdriven channels by means of a footswitch. CLEAN channel is universal for all models of the series and sounds in the style of classic Fender amps.

When using LA-2 in effect mode the "clean" channel of an external amplifier or a combo is used. Please be aware that the used combo or amplifier largely determines the resulting sound.

When in effect mode the series uses "partial" active bypass, which reduces the need to minimize the length of used cables and retains the original sound of the instrument when the effect is off.


  • OD LEVEL adjusts the overall loudness of the pedal output
  • OD GAIN adjusts the amount of distortion and drive
  • HIGH controls the amount of high frequency in the signal
  • MIDDLE controls the amount of mid frequency in the signal
  • BASS controls the amount of bass frequency in the signal
  • CL LEVEL adjusts the buffer output of the bypassed signal, 1 o'clock positioning represents standard -10dB level
  • CL BOOST SWITCH engages a boost of clean signal up to +8dB when the pedal is bypassed, making the pedal a 2-channel preamp


  • Three outputs (CAB SIM OUT, PREAMP OUT, DRIVE OUT)
  • Simultaneous use of all three outputs at once
  • Optional clean level and clean boost controls when bypassed (only with CAB SIM OUT and PREAMP OUT)
  • LED indicator when effect is engaged SPECIFICATIONS:
  • 9-12v DC power negative center (-), adapter or battery
  • Low power consumption
  • Small size: 110 x 62 x 58 mm
AMT P2 前級效果器
AMT P2 前級效果器





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