AMT SH-50-4 吉他音箱頭
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AMT SH-50-4 吉他音箱頭

編號 AMT SH-50-4 吉他音箱頭

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AMT Electronics Stonehead 50-4 - 50-watt 4-channel solid-state guitar amplifier. All 4 channels of the amplifier's preamp section are built on the proprietary JFET technology which effectively emulates vacuum tubes-based devices. The increased power voltage allowed to reveal the channels' dynamic characteristics to their maximum while preserving the "correctness" of the guitar signal spectral enrichment.



Stonehead 50-4 power amplifier is based on well-established Tube Cake series of amplifiers, which ensures its correct behavior with the guitar signal and when loaded by end amplifier.


  • Clean. Channel 1 has a classic "clean" tone with the possibility of enetring a light crunch mode CL.MID.BOOST
  • Crunch. Channel 2 provides a richer crunchy sound enriched with harmonics and BRIGHT button to increase your sound brightness.
    Both channels have separate controls adjusting the channels' output levels and separate TREBLE controls. MIDDLE and BASS controls are common for both channels.
  • Lead-1 channel features high gain and thick elastic sound.
  • Lead-2's sound is heavy, dense and substantial.
    Channels Lead-1 and Lead-2 have common tone controls with separate TR.SHIFT switches. In addition Lead-1 has an individual L1.VOICING control which allows better channel tonal balance in accordance with the needs of the musician.
  • Parallel-serial adjustable FX Loop with BYPASS.
  • External control interface with various modes for the four channels of Stonehead 50-4 preamp
  • The power amplifier has two knobs - MASTER VOLUME A, B (switchable by means of foot switch) and RESONANCE and PRESENCE controls similar to tube amplifiers'. The amplifier provides a "tube" interaction with the speaker and is designed to operate with 8 ohms load.
  • Power 220 or 110V
  • Weight 4,9 kg.
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 260x160x170mm
AMT SH-50-4 吉他音箱頭
AMT SH-50-4 吉他音箱頭





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